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Lighting Upgrade Success Stories:

With over 25 years of experience, Tri-State has a broad knowledge of energy conservation in today’s environment, for lighting and beyond. From schools and hospitals to offices and warehouses, our team has completed hundreds of successful lighting projects – from survey and analysis to design and installation.

Explore our case studies and read about other clients with similar lighting challenges, and find out how Tri-State helped them achieve their goals and realize huge savings!

Case Studies:

Detailed Lighting & Energy Audit for Large Pharmaceutical Company.

Tri-State Light & Energy was hired through a local electrical distributor to perform a detailed lighting and energy audit for a large pharmaceutical company looking to save energy through a lighting upgrade.

Tri-State’s detailed analysis uncovered many opportunities for savings and lighting improvements, including a need for occupancy sensors. Applying the Science of Lighting, Tri-State provided managers with the confidence and concrete facts they need to make sound financial decisions that were driving this project.

Working together, Tri-State and the electrical supply house were able to provide a lighting upgrade that offered energy savings and lighting improvements including comfort, safety and productivity benefits.


“Tri-State Light & Energy’s introduction to their surveying and data collection process was impressive and lends a degree of credibility to their designs and reports that I have never seen before. I look forward to working with the Tri-State team in the future!"
Kurt Bresser, Energy Manager, Temple University

“Thank you for all the time and effort your team spent making our building a ‘brighter’ place to work. The Tri-State Light & Energy staff was highly cooperative and did an outstanding job replacing all the components in our current system with new fixtures. I was very pleased with the professionalism of your workers and the pride in which they did their job. Our project was completed on schedule and certainly met all of our expectations. Thanks to Tri-State Light & Energy, our future looks ‘bright’!”
James McCormick, Principal, Dunmore Elementary Center

“The sensors you installed in our auditorium work so well that we’d like to see them installed in all classrooms, auditoriums, and the library. The energy savings should average around 25-30%, and even more…”
Tony Ventello, Energy Manager, University of Pennsylvania

“I recommend Tri-State Light & Energy to provide the best lighting advice and most cost effective solutions based on concrete data discovered through a remarkably detailed lighting survey.”
Energy Manager, Major Pharmaceutical Company

“It was a pleasure working with the Tri-State Light & Energy team. It’s easy to work with contractors who take pride in their work, understand their obstacles, and strive to resolve issues and provide the best lighting solutions.”
Kelly Hubbs, Facility Manager, Needleman Management


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